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Andy Van Schaack, USA


Dr. Andy Van Schaack is a professor at Vanderbilt University with appointments in the Peabody College of Education and the School of Engineering. He teaches courses in social science research methods, organizational psychology, judgment and analytic-reasoning, and technology forecasting. His research focuses on the development and assessment of technologies that make teaching and learning more effective, efficient, and accessible. Early in his career, Dr. Van Schaack worked for Apple in Cupertino, California and Tokyo, Japan. More recently, he founded and served as Chief Scientist for several technology companies including Cerego of San Francisco, California and Livescribe of Oakland, California. He has earned 15 patents (granted and pending) for inventions related to adaptive learning systems and digital pens technologies. As the Associate Dean for Online Programs at Peabody College, he was responsible for launching Vanderbilt University’s first two online graduate degree programs. In 2017, he was the recipient of the Madison Sarratt Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (Vanderbilt University’s teacher of the year award). In 2018 he was named an honorary midshipman by the Vanderbilt University Naval ROTC unit. Dr. Van Schaack holds a bachelor’s degree in instructional psychology and a doctorate in instructional technology from Utah State University.

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