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Expert Knowledge on the Transformation of Business and Society

This authoritative and fascinating forecast of science and technology shows that relentless progress of the Technology Revolution is driving the creative transformation of business, society, and even what it means to be human. Technology’s Promise draws on the work of TechCast Project at George Washington University to chart the terrain ahead. By pooling the knowledge of 100 experts around the world, the book offers the best forecast data assembled covering the entire span of technological innovation.


“The most defining book of our time. Written passionately with incredible clarity and convincing evidence.” Madhav Merhra, World Council for Corporate Governance, London

“A powerful system for forecasting technology to prepare for the enormous changes ahead. Readable, authoritative, optimistic, and exciting.” Edward Cornish, Founder, World Future Society

“Not since Megatrends have we been given such a clear view into the future.” Jim Blasingame, Small Business Adocate Radio Host

“A must for any planner or organization leader. No other book comes anywhere close.” Michael Marien, Editor, Future Survey

“An antidote to doom and gloom, not by ignoring problems but by demonstrating that we are creating the technology to reach a new level of civilization.”  Harry Rothman, Editor, Technology Analysis & Stratement Management, England


New Concepts for a Changing World

It is increasingly clear that economic life is different on this side of the millennium. This collection of 18 papers by leading economists and social scientists explores the forces driving nations into the 21st Century as well as the trends creating a new economic paradigm based on the pursuit of knowledge. The book concludes by integrating these papers into a coherent profile of the emerging global economy.


Creating and Leading the Knowledge Enterprise

Unlike land, labor, or capital, knowledge is an unusual resource because it is a fluid that leaks across boundaries, solidifies into physical forms, and expands indefinitely as it is used and shared – it is The Infinite Resource. This collection of articles by leading CEOs, politicians, and scholars examines the implications for managing corporations, governments, and other institutions in a world governed by the laws of knowledge.

The New Management

A Guide to the Parallel Revolutions in Technology, Business, and Leadership

Despite many attempts at organizational change, most corporations are notable for top-down control, extravagant CEO pay, and other hallmarks of the Old Management. But a New Management is emerging that harnesses the knowledge lying unused among employees at the bottom of the firm and scattered outside its walls among customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Drawing on hundreds of examples, a survey of 526 managers, technology forecasts, and economic trends, this book shows that the power of markets and democracy is creating a “corporate community” operating from the bottom-up and the outside-in.


Bringing the Power of Free Enterprise Inside Your Organization

One of the great ironies of capitalism is that while founded on the liberating principles of free enterprise, most corporations themselves are centrally-controlled, hierarchical systems, not too different from the centrally-planned economies that failed in the communist bloc. This book brings together case studies describing the creative transformation of progressive corporations into the only feasible alternative to hierarchy –  self-managed internal enterprise units forming an internal market economy.


Business, Economics, and Society in the Information Age

Written in 1986 before the information revolution, the global economy, and corporate transformation became common phrases, this seminal work forecast the major features of the new economic system now becoming a reality. The New Capitalism illustrates the power of astute foresight guided by penetrating analysis of trends. Its central concepts remain as fresh today as they were when this path-breaking book was first written; indeed, many are still ahead of current thought.

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