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Peak Trump: A Forecast of Accountability
Peak Trump: A Forecast of Accountability

To honor July 4th, the American holiday of independence, this study took up what seems the biggest …

Blog, ProfessionalJuly 20, 2022
Four Scenarios to Resolve the Global MegaCrisis
Four Scenarios to Resolve the Global MegaCrisis

Four Strategies to Resolve the Global MegaCrisis   Overview We start by acknowledging that the …

Blog, ProfessionalJune 4, 2022
Portal to Global Consciousness
Portal to Global Consciousness

Vision  The Portal to Global Consciousness is a network of those interested in developing a …

Blog, ProfessionalMarch 3, 2022
Is an Age of Consciousness Here? Really?
Is an Age of Consciousness Here? Really?

This study focuses on the growing ascendance of consciousness in life today. Our working hypothesis is …

Blog, ProfessionalNovember 21, 2021
The Cognitive Roots of Conflict
The Cognitive Roots of Conflict

TechCast’s study of mis/disinformation leads us to this broader focus on studying the Cognitive Roots of Conflict. …

Blog, Emerging Technologies, ProfessionalSeptember 13, 2021
Bill's New Book
Bill’s New Book

TechCast is pleased to announce the publication of Prof. Halal’s latest book — Beyond Knowledge. …

Blog, Popular, UncategorizedJune 10, 2021
Life Extension
Life Extension

Summary Life extension is defined as prolonging human life beyond the normal limits of roughly …

Blog, Emerging Technologies, UncategorizedJune 3, 2021
TechCast/Cognis Strategic Forum
TechCast/Cognis Strategic Forum

The First Strategic Forum – Planning for Transformative Change The pandemic and other threats like …

Blog, PopularNovember 27, 2020
AI versus Humans - The Salient Issue of Our Time
AI versus Humans – The Salient Issue of Our Time

AI versus Humans – The Salient Issue of Our Time Having solved the problems of …

BlogOctober 12, 2020
Forecasting the 2020 US Election - Trump or Biden?
Forecasting the 2020 US Election – Trump or Biden?

Forecasting the 2020 US Presidential Election – RESULTS  TechCast has done many provocative studies, but …

BlogOctober 7, 2020
Forecasting the 2020 US Election - Trump or Biden?
Forecasting the 2020 US Election – Trump or Biden?

Forecasting the 2020 US Presidential Election TechCast now moves to the next most popular topic …

BlogSeptember 12, 2020
Redesigning Capitalism

Redesigning Capitalism – Final Results The Coming Collaborative/Democratic Enterprise Do not despair over the dismal …

BlogAugust 29, 2020
Redesigning Capitalism

Redesigning Capitalism – Round Two Comments From Readers On Collaborative/Democratic Enterprise  Following up on our last blog …

BlogAugust 16, 2020
Redesigning Capitalism

I am grateful to the many people who responded to our request for rating topics:  Art …

BlogAugust 2, 2020
Choosing the Top Strategic Studies

What Are the Most Crucial Strategic Issues To Study? A Survey of Readers’ Interests  Bill’s Blog has …

BlogJuly 19, 2020
Forecasting the Trump Presidency
Forecasting the Trump Presidency

This is a slightly updated version of our 2016 study forecasting the Trump Era. The …

Blog, PopularJuly 9, 2020
Survey Results on the Coming Internet:   Yes to Security, Decentralization and Immersion  
Survey Results on the Coming Internet:   Yes to Security, Decentralization and Immersion  

It is our great pleasure to present final results of this study exploring where the …

BlogJuly 7, 2020
The Coming Secure, Bottom Up, Immersive Internet
The Coming Secure, Bottom Up, Immersive Internet

  Bill’s Blog – June 14, 2020   Our previous blog of May 30 summarized background information …

BlogJune 14, 2020
The Bottom Up, Secure and Immersive Internet
The Bottom Up, Secure and Immersive Internet

The Bottom Up, Secure and Immersive Internet  This week’s blog explores the coming next generation …

BlogJune 6, 2020
Bill's Blog - May 09, 2020
Bill’s Blog – May 09, 2020

Wrapping Up Our Study of the Global MegaCrisis   I am grateful for the many …

BlogJune 5, 2020
Bill's Blog - April 25, 2020
Bill’s Blog – April 25, 2020

  Our blog of March 28 issued a call for comments on solving the Global MegaCrisis. The blog …

BlogApril 26, 2020
Collective Intelligence to Solve the MegaCrisis
Collective Intelligence to Solve the MegaCrisis

Blog, PopularApril 20, 2020
Bill's Blog April 11, 2020
Bill’s Blog April 11, 2020

Collective Intelligence on Solving the MegaCrisis     Last week’s blog issued a call for …

BlogApril 13, 2020
BEYOND KNOWLEDGE:  How Technology is Driving an Age of Consciousness
How Technology is Driving an Age of Consciousness

I am pleased to provide this summary of my forthcoming book, Beyond Knowledge. This is …

Blog, PopularApril 1, 2020
Bill's Blog  March 28, 2020
Bill’s Blog March 28, 2020

Strategic Foresight in Action   This blog strives to be experimental in order to find formats …

BlogMarch 30, 2020
Bill's Blog  March 14, 2020
Bill’s Blog March 14, 2020

Big History, Holograms, and Superbugs  Responses to our first two newsletters was gratifying, and we …

BlogMarch 15, 2020
Bill's Blog  Feb 29, 2020
Bill’s Blog Feb 29, 2020

Special Issue onThe Mounting Climate Crisis   With parts of Australia now uninhabitable due to raging …

BlogMarch 3, 2020
Bill's Blog  Feb 15, 2020
Bill’s Blog Feb 15, 2020

Introductory Issue   Introducing the 2nd Gen TechCast   Updating Strategy for a High-Tech Future:Change …

BlogFebruary 21, 2020
Another Trip to the Future

My wife and I recently took a vacation in New Orleans for Mardi-Gras, and it …

BlogMarch 8, 2016
My Trip to the Future: Technology, Diversity, and Community

I spent a week in Brooklyn recently for my daughter’s wedding, and I came back …

BlogNovember 26, 2015
The Struggle between Left and Right in Italy

Portofino My wife and took a glorious week in Rome, Tuscany and Umbria recently, savoring …

BlogNovember 2, 2015
What If Lincoln Had Let the South Go? A Counterfactual Thought Experiment

Although Americans are justly proud of the heroic way President Lincoln kept the South in …

BlogOctober 14, 2015
What the Pope Should Tell Congress: Americans Should Strive to Realize Their Ideals

          As a scholar, forecaster, strategist, businessman, American Catholic, and all-around know-it-all, I wondered what …

BlogSeptember 23, 2015
Why the GOP Loves Trump and the Odds of His Election

The amazing rise of Donald Trump to lead the Republican race for president is a …

BlogAugust 30, 2015
A Poke in the Eye and the SONY Hack: How Will Americans Handle the Clash between Freedom and Violence?

 The North Korean attack on SONY raised the issue of America’s vaunted “freedom of expression” …

BlogDecember 20, 2014
Forecasting Threats Like Ebola

Eleven months into the world’s worst Ebola outbreak, there have been more than 9,200 suspected …

BlogNovember 3, 2014
Testing Forecast Repeatability: Before and After Data on the Move from to

  TechCast’s recent move from its 6th generation website ( to its new 7th gen …

BlogOctober 20, 2014
A Carbon Bubbble in 2015?

The bubble caused a market crash in 2000, a housing bubble almost brought down …

BlogJuly 24, 2014
Is Soft Power a Breakthrough?

My TechCast Project ( has published breakthroughs for years, usually for emerging technologies. This is our …

BlogJuly 7, 2014
Moment of Truth: Will “Immiseration” of the Working Class Spur Change?

Cautionary Note:  Although I have published in the Washington Post, the New York Times, and …

BlogJanuary 15, 2014
Stop Arguing: Today’s Knotty Problems Demand Collaboration

The strident controversy over President Obama’s threat to strike Syria and Congress’s most recent stalemate …

BlogOctober 1, 2013
We Got It Right: America Could Start Working Again

My blogs over the past few years have agonized over the American Decline, but I …

BlogNovember 21, 2012
Prospects for American Renewal: Will the 2012 Elections Turn the Tide?

The decline of the US is pretty well-accepted now by all but the most fervent …

BlogSeptember 13, 2012
At the Eye of the Storm: Advice From the Future

        The “Crisis of Capitalism” has entered a more quiescent phase, leaving massive threats looming …

BlogMarch 11, 2012
If Great Corporations Could Lead: How to Unite Right and Left and Save the World

What if our great corporations could direct their enormous capabilities to solving the global mess …

BlogFebruary 10, 2012
Could Americans Outgrow Capitalism?

           Yes, I know it sounds loony, hyper-liberal, Marxist, and unrealistic to think that true-blue …

BlogOctober 7, 2011
Wildfires, Brush, and Biofuel

With all the depressing news of raging wildfires and killer tornadoes in the Southwest USA, …

BlogJuly 13, 2011
What’s Next? Will Emerging Technologies Help?

This is a confusing time, with the US in gridlock, the Great Recession rolling on, …

BlogJune 21, 2011
What are the Keys to Apple’s Success in Emerging Technologies?

Apple did not come by its present success easily. Before the iPod, iPhone, and iPad …

BlogMay 2, 2011
How NetFlix Beat Blockbuster: An Exemplar of Emerging Technologies

CEO Reed Hastings Announces Streaming Movies Just a decade ago, Blockbuster ruled the movie rental …

BlogApril 26, 2011
More Emerging Technologies

 Following up my last blog, here are more interesting emerging technologies that are likely to …

BlogApril 16, 2011
Striking Emerging Technologies

With the Technology Revolution heating up very quickly, I thought a quick summary of some …

BlogApril 13, 2011
Limits of Markets

Unguided markets focused on short-term profit were largely responsible for the financial meltdown of 2008 …

BlogOctober 11, 2010
Business is Stuck

I was speaking with a friend who’s an executive in large US corporation, and our …

BlogJuly 14, 2010
Singapore II

I was invited back to Singapore to keynote the International Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning …

BlogMay 3, 2010
Stalemate: Political Gridlock in the U.S.

The 2010 Massachusetts election for U.S. Senate marks the resurgence of Republican power to counter …

BlogJanuary 19, 2010
Report from Singapore

I’d like to give you a report on my trip to Singapore and what it …

BlogDecember 15, 2009
Bill On Kojo Nnamdi Show

Bill was interviewed on WAMU’s The Kojo Nnamdi Show.  They discussed TechCast’s forecasts on the …

BlogDecember 10, 2009
Going Nowhere

As President Obama and a few allies like Senator Kennedy struggle to pull together a …

BlogDecember 10, 2009
America Should Learn to Cooperate

Americans seems stuck in a high-conflict mode, as best seen in the heated clashes between …

BlogDecember 10, 2009
Through the Crisis of Maturity: Forecast of a New Economic Boom

The constant drumbeat of cascading business failures is certainly daunting, but technology forecasts suggest that …

BlogDecember 10, 2009
Parable of the Light Switch

I was puzzling about a light switch with a broken “arm” that holds the control …

BlogDecember 10, 2009

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