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Report from Singapore

I’d like to give you a report on my trip to Singapore and what it means about my work as President of TechCast. I keynoted a conference for the International Congress on Industrial Design, the major association for architects and product designers.

Although they were keen on planning for the future, they were fascinated about our work forecasting breakthroughs in all fields.  They loved our bubble charts summarizing the results, the crisp forecasts on Alternative Energy, IT, Robotics, AI, and the scenarios. Below is the longitudinal summary of our forecasts that I use for macro-forecasting:

Longitudinal Bubble Chart

The big social ideas – the global megacrisis, the emerging world brain, the crisis/transition to maturity, consciousness as the next great frontier, and technologies of consciousness — blew them away.  Here’s the summary of our forecasts for the critical period of 2020 –




I do a lot of this, and it always confirms the value of our work at TechCast. Defining these technology breakthroughs in an incisive way requires great skill and lots of good scanning work. And our 100 experts have to make carefully thought-out estimates on these technologies and pay attention to tons of detail.  But the results are unique and powerful.

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