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Introducing the 2nd Generation of TechCast


       The TechCast Project has led the field of strategic forecasting for 20 years with a succession of improved websites, from TechCast 1.0 to the most recent TechCast 7.0, which has been converted into TechCast Local.

       Now we are pleased to introduce the TechCast 10.0 series as a different type of website that covers all aspects of strategic foresight. As explained in the About pages, we no longer provide subscriptions to detailed forecasts because they are now widely available. The TechCast Project is returning to its academic roots to focus on research studies, teaching and consulting.

        We now provide Forecast & Strategy Reports covering all strategic trends driving today’s rapidly changing world, and we also conduct cutting-edge research for planners, leaders and researchers. Our weekly newsletter on all this incisive work is so useful you’ll want to save these penetrating analyses. And our international panel of thought leaders discusses all this online, helps foster new projects and is available to assist others with their strategic needs.

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Promises and Perils of AI: Yes, a Powerful Tool ... But a Singularity?
Promises and Perils of AI: Yes, a Powerful Tool … But a Singularity?

  TechCast is proud to present results from our study on Promises and Perils of AI. This study was …

Blog, Emerging Technologies, ProfessionalJune 15, 2023
The Cognitive Roots of Conflict
The Cognitive Roots of Conflict

TechCast’s study of mis/disinformation leads us to this broader focus on studying the Cognitive Roots of Conflict. …

Blog, Emerging Technologies, ProfessionalSeptember 13, 2021

Executive Overview You would think we should have been enlightened by the past few decades …

Emerging Technologies, Professional, UncategorizedJuly 24, 2021
Life Extension
Life Extension

Summary Life extension is defined as prolonging human life beyond the normal limits of roughly …

Blog, Emerging Technologies, UncategorizedJune 3, 2021
Global Depression
Global Depression

See our new forecast on the probability of a global depression.

Social TrendsMarch 5, 2020
Global Pandemic
Global Pandemic

Disastrous pandemics capable of killing many millions have devastated humanity throughout civilization, most famously the …

Social TrendsFebruary 7, 2020
Democratic Enterprise
Democratic Enterprise

The financial crises that hit the world in 2000 and 2008 raised serious doubts about …

Social TrendsFebruary 6, 2020
Solar Will Be 'Sustainable' in 2014
Solar Will Be ‘Sustainable’ in 2014

      This is a good example of TechCast’s ability to forecast breakthroughs with …

Emerging TechnologiesJanuary 23, 2020

Throughout the industrialized world, the rich are getting richer and  the poor and middle class relatively …

Social TrendsJanuary 22, 2020
Cyber  War
Cyber War

Executive Overview   The threat of severe, debilitating cyberattacks is growing exponentially as the digital …

Wild CardsNovember 13, 2019

The Scourge of Drug Resistance If antibiotics stop working, medicine will return to the 19th …

Wild CardsOctober 27, 2019
Alternative Energy

THE TRANSITION TO ALTERNATIVE ENERGY In a time of growing concern over climate change, a …

Emerging TechnologiesOctober 6, 2019
Global Ethics

People Uniting the Globe A growing number of influential people advocate a new global ethics …

Social TrendsSeptember 19, 2019
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

As Attractive and Elusive as the Holy Grail   Ever since Alan Turing defined the …

Emerging TechnologiesSeptember 18, 2019
China Falls

Will China Collapse Like the USSR? Although China has been one of the world’s fastest-growing …

Wild CardsSeptember 18, 2019

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