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TechCast Experts

Our Global Brain Trust of Experts

The role of our Expert Global Brain Trust is crucial in resolving uncertainty in forecast data. The panel includes executives and managers, scientists. engineers, futurists, academics, consultants, forecasters, and experts from other disciplines and fields. They come from the USA, UK, Netherlands, Russia, France, Israel, Japan, Canada, Korea, India, and most other countries.  Many of our experts are quite famous but many are not, although they are all well-qualified in educational degrees, publications, and experience. We make a point of ensuring diversity in gender, age, disciplines, race, and other such qualities to capture all viewpoints. Although the experts vary in all these respects, the one thing they share is a talent for thinking at the cutting edge. Rather than the stereotype of aging authorities isolated from reality, TechCast prides itself on an Expert Panel composed of thought leaders.

In addition to giving us their best judgment in making forecasts, our experts  also provide critical comments and suggestions, publish articles on our work, join in occasional webinars, work on consulting projects, and participate in a variety of other ways. We encourage experts to use TechCast as a platform for their professional work, and we try to make them available for giving advice to TechCast members

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