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Jose Cordeiro, Venezuela


Cordeiro has been described as “a hopeless optimist always bursting with energy”.[who?][10] He advises audiences to “Forget flying cars and robot butlers… the future will be a far more interesting place”.[11] He views nano, bio, info, and cogno (NBIC) as being the four main technologies that “are pushing mankind into the post-human age”, and he predicts that “in the future we will be upgrading our brains every few years in the manner that we currently update our computer hardware”.[12]
In 2009, Cordeiro spoke at the European Futurists Conference in Lucerne about the concept of ‘Singularity’: “a not-too-distant moment when artificial intelligence overtakes the capabilities of the human mind – the point when we are going to merge with machines”. As a teaching fellow of the Singularity University, he added that “the purpose of Singularity University is to prepare humankind for this transformation”.[13]
Cordeiro coined the term ‘Energularity’ to refer to “the biggest change in the largest industry on our planet… the Energy industry’s shift from fossil fuels to solar, wind, geothermal or fusion”. He also coined the term “Benesuela” as a contrast to “Venezuela” in reference to the educational situation in that country.[4]
In a set of forecasts about Latin America in 2030, Cordeiro and the Millennium Project highlighted two extreme scenarios: “God is Latin American” and “Disintegration in Hell”.[14]
The New York Times has quoted Cordeiro as saying “The constitutional history of Latin America is the most convulsive in the world. Constitutions seem to have become like shirts, not even suits, which rulers put on and take off at their whim.”[15]
In line with forecasts by Ray Kurzweil that the Singularity will occur by 2045, Cordeiro predicts that “death will be optional by 2045”. This will take place “thanks to exponential advances in artificial intelligence, tissue regeneration, stem cell treatments, organ printing, cryopreservation, and genetic or immunological therapies that will solve the problem of the aging of the human body”.[16]

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