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Peter von Stackelberg, USA



Peter von Stackelberg is a futurist, writer, story architect and worldbuilder, and university lecturer. He has more than four decades of experience as a writer and award-winning journalist and almost 30 years of experience as a consultant and professional futurist.

For the past decade, Peter has focused on emerging information and media technologies and is an expert with multiple publications on transmedia storytelling and constructing storyworlds. He has also worked on technology, innovation, and strategic foresight projects for companies like Honda R&D North America, General Motors, Shell Oil Company, Lockheed Martin, Texaco, Hasbro, and many others.

His book Technology & the Future: Managing Change and Innovation in the 21st Century was a best seller in its category for five weeks when released on Amazon in 2014.

Peter has taught at wide range of university and college courses in English, communications and business, including Transmedia & Digital Storytelling; Technology, Innovation, and the Future; Environmental Journalism; Systems Thinking; Strategic Management; and Business Communications. He currently teaches in the Communication Studies department at Alfred University.

Peter has a B.A. in Journalism from Ryerson University, a M.S. in Studies of the Future from University of Houston-Clear Lake, and a M.S. in Information Design & Technology from SUNY Polytechnic University.

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