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Carlos Scheel, Mexico



Professor Emeritus, Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico.
Director, Research Chair: Sustainable Wealth creation by Innovation and enabling Technologies at the EGADE Business School.

Since 1986, he has been International Consultant for Technical Cooperation in Technological Development and Industrial Policy at UNIDO (United Nations for Industrial Development, Vienna), UNEP (UN for Environmental Program) as well as several projects sponsored by PNUD, USAID, World Bank (WB), IDB (BID) and other regional agencies on 15 countries, as well as fellow member of the IC2 Institute of the University of Texas.

Since 2007, he is currently working on the SWIT framework (Sustainable Wealth creation based on disruptive Innovation and enabling Technologies) as the result of the research and train of PhD specialists, Master students, entrepreneurs, and practitioners. Platform designed from a system-centered innovation perspective for the creation of sustainable wealth, mainly for developing regions.

The SWIT model includes the design of circular economy and industrial ecology concepts for the implementation of sustainable strategies for the assembling of extended Circular Value eco-Systems; for the circularization of environment, social and economic systems.

As result of this research and development program, a disruptive, systemic, circular and democratic innovation approach have been applied toward a viable regional sustainability, on more than 30 international projects in 13 countries.


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